Book Groups & Bible Studies

Summer Catechesis with Zachary Galante

Sunday Morning Bible Study

All are welcome to join in the study No Greater Love, A Biblical Walk through Christ’s Passion.  We will meet on Sunday mornings at Holy Trinity Gathering Space 8:45 a.m.—10:30 p.m..  Contact Mary Wietor for more information [email protected] .

The Great Adventure Bible Timeline by Jeff Cavins

Feel called to participate in a Catholic Bible Study that pulls together the story of the entire bible in a simple yet profound way? One that feeds your soul as it challenges you intellectually? This is the one for you - The Great Adventure Bible Timeline by Jeff Cavins, and it is happening here in our parishes. We begin in September and continue for three semesters. We meet every other Wednesday morning at St Michael Parish Hall. Interested in making this commitment to deepen your faith? Contact Mary Feind at [email protected] or Ann Enright at [email protected]

Women of Hope Book Group

Calling all women who are 'of a certain age' (that would be over 40)! Please consider joining our Women of Hope Book Group. We participate in individual spiritual reading then come together for enlightening discussion. This year we will read "Beautiful Mercy: Experiencing God's Unconditional Love So We Can Share It With Others". It is a compilation of essays by Catholic leaders on the Spiritual and Corporeal Works of Mercy. We meet every other Monday evening. If interested, contact Mary Feind at [email protected]

Women of Grace

The truth will set you free John 8:32. Your are invited to join us and open your heart as we dive deep into our faith while supporting each other along the way. Our Women of Grace group is for ages 18 and older.  For questions, contact Jessica Herriges at [email protected] OR 262-707-5119.  Click here for the Click here for the 2022 Fall sessions and Registration information 

Middle School Blaze, “Discovering my Purpose”

The mission of BLAZE is to use Scripture to speak truth into the hearts of young girls who are bombarded by lies about their true worth and beauty. ($10 participation fee)  To register contact Nikki Schneider at [email protected], 920-378-6454 or Mary Breuer at [email protected], 262-626-2650.