Registration Forms: 

Holy Trinity Registration Form

St. Michael Registration Form

Holy Trinity and St. Michael are a parish collaborative. The two parishes share multiple resources among our parish staff that further enrich our faith community in worship, religious education, youth ministry and adult education as well as outreach and social programs. 

Registration is the official way to join a parish community. Many people think that because they attend a particular parish they automatically belong. Membership requires signing up and formally enrolling yourself in the parish. But it is also more than just filling out some forms. Registration is a commitment to a community, a way to be included in the religious, social and ministerial activities of a parish. Just like you want the parish to be there to provide Masses, Sacraments, education programs and ministries, the parish needs to be able to count on you to help and assist in their mission; to be an active member. 

Your registration affects the parish in many ways. Census numbers can determine how many priests are assigned to a parish, what benefits and obligations the community has to the archdiocese, and how many Masses and programs are planned and scheduled.  Registering in the parish is a statement of faith and confidence in the life and work of our parish. As parish members, we are all here to help each other on our spiritual journey; we don’t want to do this alone. As much as you need us, we need you too.  You may come to the parish office or see an usher or greeter at the Mass you attend to get information on joining Holy Trinity of St. Michael.

Families and single persons 18 years and older are to be registered at the Parish in order to receive the services the Church offers to all members of our Parish Family. To formally join Holy Trinity or St. Michael parish, please contact:

Mrs. Jenni Bolek, Shared Administrative Assistant

[email protected] or [email protected]
Holy Trinity Office: 262-626-2860 Ext. 105
St. Michael Office: 262-334-5270